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Number 1 on choice

As an official distributor of all these brands, provides after sales service by accessing to available spare parts. We also promises to put into effect manufacturers’ guarantee.
141 588 items (today) from 887 well-known brands : the best offer in Europe to meet specialists' satisfaction as well as beginner's one.

Number 1 on service offers you the FUGAM card.
More than a loyalty card, it gives advantages to its holder on
Discover the Fugam card and all its advantages, it is about a 40 persons staff completely dedicated to your satisfaction . Active member of the ecommerce federation (ecommerce-europe), commits to respect the Quality charter, showing its constant concern about customer respect.

Pê received the "Prize of customer service development" in June 2009, awarded by the jury of French managers and commercials during national week of commercial performance

  • skilled technical advisers
  • Efficient logistic platform which send each month 15 tons of products,
  • Close relationship between technical services, after sales service and distributed brands
  • return policy adapted
  • technical performance of the website regularly ranked among the best french e-commerce website,

Many human and material investments dedicated to improve relationship with customers. It shows even more the leadership of

More than 1 200 000 products delivered each year. An average intention rate of re-purchasing of 8.5/10* which shows the satisfaction of our customers.

(*Résults from Shopzilla, over 5 000 customers)

To improve your experience of e-shopping,, as a trader certified by Shopzilla, is a member of the program Customer review which allows to estimate the degree of satisfaction and performance of its customer service.

As theN°1 , from 2009, invested in an innovating system and offer, for some products a 3D 360° sight.

Number 1 on security

From the 1st of October 2008, was one of the first large French website to adopt the credit card payment security protocol, 3D Secure in order to avoid fraudulence. has 2 bank servers in order to ensure a non-stop availability of payment by credit card in case of temporary unavailability of one of these servers.

Number 1 on prices

On, no fake promos.
We commit on price transparency and accordance to customer information.
For further information on our price policy

Because men and women who work in are also consumers, they share with you the constant concern about the purchasing power.

The 22nd of February 2012 cut more than 10000 prices. Every day our business intelligence service browses the web to offer you the best prices on the largest brands supplied in an official network.

Our purchase department negotiates everyday to offer you the best conditions and large discounts. We have the best prices tanks to our sales volume and to special relationships that we keep with our suppliers from years.

Our department " Flash products allows our Newsletter members to access to clearance items at unbeatable prices.

Number 1 on transparency

Stock shortage, errors, delivery time...
Every month, we publicize indicators of our quality service , noticed the month before as well as its monthly evolution.
Transparency is not an empty phrase for us !

  • it is clearly written a maximum sending time on each sheet of our141 588 products We promise delivery time because we are able to respect it,
  • on you can cancel an order at every time (until the beggining of dispatching), without waiting for the delivery or expiry of time defined by the law Chatel of the 1st of June 2008,
  • immediate reimbursement in case of unavailability or products return,
  • information and order tracking mail,
  • An individualized customer area on the website
  • commitment of a quick answer for all questions on your order
  • We track by the way of optics technique all our products in our logistic centre

E-commerce transparency begins with the compliance with the law, allows you to access to obligatory legal terms which concerns the company

  • Name and business name
  • Trade and company Register number
  • Siren number
  • Publication manager name
  • host adress
  • Intra-Community VAT number

You have to keep in mind that unfortunately zero risk situations don’t exist in distance selling, is responsible.

Even in case of error from our part the customer remains the focus of our attention.


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